Redwood Entertainment, Inc. manages projects with an understanding—gleaned from years of entertainment industry experience of how to help artists build a profitable and sustainable career. In addition to traditional mainstream methods, we utilize creative niche marketing and provide our artists with maximum exposure to establish steady flows of income for them. The Redwood family is firmly rooted in all aspects of the entertainment industry, affording unique opportunities to help artists achieve success in multiple facets of their careers and the industry at large.

Redwood Entertainment, Inc. offers a variety of targeted Marketing Campaigns designed to address the specific needs of our clients, including musical artists and record labels. When an artist or a company hires our services, we create a personalized Marketing Plan to suit their individual business needs. Our clients can choose from a broad range of marketing and brand building services including:

• Personal management

• Targeted, personalized marketing plans

• CD release campaigns, including production consultation, both for music and packaging

• Internet marketing campaigns

• Radio promotion

• Public Relations

• Promotional performance and speaking tours

• Mainstream marketing

• Niche marketing

• Social networking and social network marketing

• Distribution

• Web design consultation

• Lifestyle marketing

• Writer/editorial services for all clients, including bios, press releases, promotional materials, etc.

Our strength lies in identifying distinctive features of our client’s products, services and interests, then strategically projecting these assets in a way that allows us to tap into national trends, breaking news and timely issues—for example, social responsibility, including environmental, animal rights, economic justice, civil rights, etc.; wellness and healthcare issues; and recreational and leisure activities—that capture the attention of the media and ultimately consumers.


Additional areas of expertise that we leverage to convey our clients’ messages and heighten their visibility to the media in fresh and newsworthy ways include product introductions, specialty promotions, strategic partnerships, brand building and the making of artists into celebrity spokespersons.The result is broad visibility and critical attention in an age where competition for the eyes and ears of the consumer is at an all time high. We connect with both the consumer public and on a business-to-business basis with fellow entertainment industry decision makers to grow our clients’ brand, enhance their markets and bring their career/business to higher levels of industry and consumer exposure.

It all starts with a basic plan that our clients can supplement with marketing upgrades that will generate and accelerate their market growth and keep their audience returning for more. In addition to the services listed above, Redwood Entertainment goes beyond the traditional avenues of marketing musical artists and products in order to promote our clients through lifestyle marketing. Generating consumer and business to business publicity requires innovative thinking and an intuitive grasp of what consumers, radio personalities, music reviewers and press editors are looking for. A variety of studies confirm that many music consumers don’t follow music sites or music publications, but learn about music new to themselves through their own particular interests and lifestyles. Besides traditional music marketing outlets and avenues, we connect our client’s brand, music, products and services to different lifestyle and specific cultural interests. This is what lifestyle marketing is all about and why it is an invaluable tool in broadening our clients’ market research.

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