Redwood Entertainment, Inc. is in the forefront of today’s fast paced, quickly evolving entertainment industry.  Founded in 1983, we offer proactive approaches to show business marketing, personal management, public relations, music radio promotion and internet marketing with an award-winning emphasis on music sales, and video and film production.  Where we excel is in the originality and freshness of our innovative traditional and niche marketing designs.  Whether our clients need a totally new way to captivate their markets, or to implement enhancements in familiar markets, our plan execution and strategic placements give our clients a distinct advantage.  Our variety of marketing plan offerings also allow our clients to choose from a range of services that is right for them.

Redwood Entertainment, Inc. manages projects with an understanding—gleaned from years of entertainment industry experience—of how to help artists build a profitable and sustainable career.  In addition to traditional mainstream methods, we utilize creative niche marketing and provide our artists with maximum exposure to establish steady flows of income for them.

Redwood Entertainment works with world famous artists, including Grammy, Tony and Emmy award winning singers, songwriters, musicians, and comedians, and retains multiple affiliations with business to business and trade organizations.  Redwood CEO, Janet Castiel is a voting member of the National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) (the Recording Academy), member of the Association of Performer Arts Presenters (APAP), the Talent Manager’s Association (TMA), the Association of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP), and co-founder of the New York Blues & Jazz Society (NYBJS).  The Redwood family is firmly rooted in all aspects of the entertainment industry, affording unique opportunities to help artists achieve success in multiple facets of their careers and the industry at large.

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